The Muirhouse brewery name comes from the fact it was originally brewed in my house with my last name being Muir. Hence the name Muirhouse was born although this was originally on all the beer I brewed for myself.  As you can see from some of the pump clips we have we have used the Scottish theme using the Muir clan tartan on the clips and shaped like a thistle. Unlike other breweries there is only one brewer and delivery driver and general dogsbody its me!!! If it wasn’t for the assistance of my wife and family then I would never cope.

As my brewing kept improving I started to source ingredients from local breweries as this was cheaper than buying from a home brew shop and also offered a bigger range. It was at this point that I met Karl at Full mash who helped develop my skills and we brewed one of my beers on his plant. This beer was Brass monkey and sold really well and I thought that I should pursue this further!! I then also got the chance to brew with Bob at Magpie which was an enjoyable day and again much was learnt.

The next stage was to get my own plant without breaking the bank so purchased a small 100 litre plant which I brewed on once a week to start with…..Sales kept increasing and double brewing was being done once a week whilst holding down a full time job.

As this was all going so well I purchased a 2 barrel plant from Rob at the 3Bs brewery in Blackburn. Despite brewing sometimes up to four times a week this was never enough so a larger HLT and copper were purchased.

We have now increased capacity and we are brewing to 4BBL a minimum of twice a week. We are looking to increase the brew length over the next few months to 5 or 6 BBL as we are selling beers before they are brewed!!

Recently the Dog and Parrot pub in Eastwood opened up of which we now supply and also do the house beer for.We also supply the free trade get in touch if you would like to receive our weekly e mail with available beers. We also stock an ever changing guest beer range from around the country.

Drop me an e mail on rmuir@muirhousebrewery.co.uk

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